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Here is a complete guideline to access the facilities provided by Central Library and Information Center (CLIC).

  • There is a counter on the right side of the main entrance to CLIC. Deposit all your belongings (bags, books, diaries etc.) and collect a token against those from the staff manning the counter. You may only carry a valid ID, library card and loose sheets once inside the library.


  • Show your ID to staff stationed a level up  from the entrance near the corridor.


  • On each side of the corridor, there exists a cabinet box for catalogues on books. A catalogue card is an information system of cards on books or journals. This catalogue contains vital information of a book or journal such as subject, title, author, year of publication etc. that are necessary for locating the resource. These cards are arranged alphabetically inside the cabinet box and may not be removed from the box at any time.


  • Now identify the author and/or a specific book title in the same manner you would identify a word in a dictionary. Write down the call number of the book that you have identified on one of your loose sheets. The call number appears something as below.


Format of Call Number

  • You may find the generic call numbers for a subject matter (e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy etc.) from the list of call numbers provided for your perusal.


  • You may find the list of sub-disciplines or sub-areas within a subject matter as well their call numbers. Using this call number you may identify the specific call number for your book from the Classified Catalogues.


  • The call number is like a book’s catalogue number that is used to arrange the books physically inside the library. It helps one to find the physical location of the book. Once you identify the book physically, you may read it inside the library.


  • Find the specific book in Arabic/Urdu/Persian that you are after using this catalogue box and locate it among the books stacked in the general reading room of the library.


  • The cards contained in the catalogue box have a set of alphabets printed on one corner of the card. These alphabets are designed to indicate the language in which the book is published (English, Urdu, etc.) or the type of book it is (reference, periodical, etc.). Below goes a comprehensive list of such alphabets.


Format of Call Number

Reading Room

  • Print and sign your name on the sign-in booklet at the entrance to the reading rooms. You must also include your study year and enrollment number along with your signature and name on the sign-in booklet.
  • The general reading room contains books on arts and social sciences, science, life science, geosciences etc. Collect the required book from the shelf and read it on one of the reading tables.
  • After you are done, please keep the book on the table. One of the staffs will periodically sweep the area and put the books back on the shelves in the right order.
  • DO NOT remove pages from a book. It is considered a punishable offence to physically damage a book.
  • If you wish to photocopy a section of the book, contact the personnel in the photocopier room. You may get the sections copied against a nominal fee.
  • Please maintain silence. As you focus on reading, kindly be mindful of others and allow them to concentrate as well. Cell phones /mobiles must be switched off at all times. No audible discussion is allowed between two persons or among a group of readers.
  • If the student/teacher/Officer/researcher requires the CLIC to procure a specific book for its catalogue, he or she may bring that to the attention of the library administration by providing the details of the book (title, author, ISBN number, price, publisher etc.).
  • Please address your concerns regarding the reading room directly with one of the staffs manning the rooms.
  • On the left side of the general reading room, there is a complaint booklet where you may register your complaints and constructive suggestions regarding the library.
  • Reference books, periodicals, manuscripts that are considered rare and any general book in reading room are not available for loan outside the library.

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