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Undergraduate Admission 2019-2020

*2nd Subject Allocation list is published. Pls go through this page/  visit http://brur.admissionreg.net.

Admission Exam Result:

Unit A: Shift_1  Shift_2  Shift_3_Business  Shift_3_Humanities  Shift_4

Unit B: Shift_1  Shift_2_Business  Shift_2_Science   Shift_3   Shift_4

Unit C:  Shift_1   Shift_2

Unit D: Shift_1  Shift_2

Unit E: Shift_3    Shift_4

Unit F: Shift_3    Shift_4

Subject Allocation Result:

1st Subject Allocation list:A_Unit  B_Unit  C_Unit  D_Unit  E_Unit  F_Unit

2nd Subject Allocation list: a-unit-2nd-call  b-unit-2nd-call  c-unit-2nd-call  d-unit-2nd-call  e-unit-2nd-call  f-unit-2nd-call

viva-date for 2nd allocation is on  8th December 2019.

Auto-migrated and admitted student list from 1st call: a-unit  b-unit  c-unit  d-unit  e-unit  f-unit

*** Students have to  fill up blood group info in admission form. Free blood grouping facility will be available in front of corresponding academic buildings on respective admission date and time.


Call: 01974766899

Call: 01878766899

Available Time: ( 10:00 am – 10:00 pm)


Unit Specific notice for choice form fill-up: A_Unit  B_Unit C_Unit  D_Unit  E_Unit  F_Unit




Prospectus 2019-2020: BRUR Undergraduate Admission Prospectus 2019-2020