CLIC General Rules

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  1. Before entering the library the readers shall handover their personal books, sticks, umbrellas, parcels, opened or closed bags, attaches, portfolios, brief cases, newspapers and loose garments etc. to the Library Attendant at the checking counter against numbered tokens.
  2. Deposited materials will have to be collected from the checking counter on returning respective tokens at least before 15 minutes of the closing of the Library on the same day.
  3. Gate pass for checked out library materials shall have to be deposited to the Library Attendant at the gate while leaving the library. Library staff may check the readers thoroughly within the library or at the gate, if required.
  4. No one will be permitted to enter the library with fire producing materials.
  5. Books issued for study in the respective reading room shall not be removed elsewhere without specific written permission.
  6. Students will be allowed to the Stack on production of Identity Cards. Teachers, officers and research scholars are also allowed to the stack by introducing themselves.
  7. Reading room facilities shall be allowed to students after submission of identity cards.
  8. If any reader walks out of the Library with any Library property, the Librarian will report to the Vice-Chancellor for necessary action.
  9. Loud voice, eating, drinking, smoking in the Library are prohibited.
  10. All Library users are required to maintain a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in the library and cooperate with library administration abiding by Library privileges may be denied to persons who behave otherwise.
  11. Encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference materials shall not, as a rule, be loaned out of the library but these may be consulted in library.
  12. Reserved books shall not be lent out.
  13. Borrowers and readers are expected to check defects in any books issued to them and immediately call the attention of the library official on duty. Borrower shall be held responsible for any damage detected at the time of return and shall be required to make good the loss.
  14. In case a volume or any other library material is mutilated or disfigured while on loan, the borrower shall be held responsible and in such cases, he/she shall be required to make good the loss and may be debarred from borrowing any further books from the library.
  15. periodicals or books, not sufficiently protected by binding shall not be issued from the Library  except with the expressed permission of the Director/Librarian. He may also refuse to lend out books which are urgently required by the teachers and students in the persuasion of academic work and/ or research. these shall not be re-issued.
  16. No one shall be entitled to borrow books in more than one capacity.
  17. The Librarian may refuse to lend out books except to the borrower in person.
  18. 18.Borrowing privileges shall be withdrawn from members until overdue volumes are returned and fines paid by them.
  19. For the publishing of the final result of any academic program the students must submit their library clearance to the controller of Examination.
  20. Audio-visual support of the library will be provided to the users deemed necessary to the Director/Librarian or his authorized officer.
  21. Breaches of library discipline other than those covered in these rules shall be dealt with by the Vice-Chancellor on written report from the Director/Librarian. If necessary, such matters may also be processed through emergency meeting of the Library Committee’s.