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Procedure to obtain release (students):

Every student is required to obtain a release order from the CLIC before the onset of the annual exams. Students at departments that follow a semester system require this release each time during the end of the semester.

If the student has a library card, then that needs to be surrendered to the CLIC If the student does not have a library card and the ID card, then he/she needs to request to the administrator/ Librarian upon the recommendation of his/her head of the department. If the student has only the ID card, then he/she may obtain release by requesting release only to the library Director / Librarian

 Procedure to obtain release (Researchers)

Each researcher may obtain a release by directly applying to the Director / Librarian via his/her supervisor and head of the department.

 Release for transfer or no-show admitted students

If a student transfers to another university or an admitted student does not show up for attendance, then the release may be obtained through an application to the registrar via the head of his/her department.

 On the return of security deposit

Each student can obtain the library security deposit through an application with ID card to the administrator/ Librarian after the end of the Masters exam. If the ID card is not available, then the student needs to apply via his head of the department. Researchers may obtain their security deposit through an application via the Director / Librarian to the registrar of the university.

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